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About Us

Shalini Beriwal

Professional packaging with numerous packaging techniques, concepts and skills has come up with high speed to change the product identity in Unwrapping the packaging industry.
With Pretty Packings, Magnificence launches its prêt line, targeting the ever mobile generation of today. Pretty Packings unleashes the creative and innovative excellence of Magnificence, in a retail product line. Pretty Packings is a franchise chain model expanding vastly in the dazzling world of packing and gifts throughout the country's retail outlets. The chain features an exclusive line of products designed by Magnificence, catering to all the needs of gifting and packing; from festivities to corporate soirées, baby showers and weddings. Designed for the versatile "X" and "Y" generations of today, the lines are premeditated for viral retail selling, with the added bonus for the franchisee to also opt on certain limited customisations on orders. Product lines are Avant-garde, fresh and unmatched in quality, standing true to the mother firm's elite standards and values. Designs will be revamped with the onset of every season, electrifying customers with a superb array of options to chose from; hampers, T-lights, sweet and jewellery boxes, platters, trays, the list goes on. Pretty Packings invites all creative and like-minded entrepreneurs to join us as we spread these artistic joys to the world. (Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals.)
Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals. (MAPP) is a landmark institute that aims at directing enthusiasts wanting to excel in the field of packaging by giving them professional knowledge and practical training while nurturing their creative aptitude. A Robust business of unending creativity elegance all in a single suite. A combination of glamour, glitz and surreal surrounding of the expressions commonly signifies Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals.) A perfect destination to its innovative designs, exotic embellishments and uniqueness made it very popular in the corporate and retail.
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